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Welcome to the NFE sendoff tournament!
It's time to say goodbye to the current generation of pokemon, and say hello to the future of NFE! This tournament marks the transition to the next generation, marking the last SM tournament held before it becomes a past generation.

Tournament Rules:
Signups end next week (20/10/2019) at 1AM EST. Pairings will be posted that same day


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No NFE game was played, so the game went to a coin flip. Simple as that

Round 3
AntaresLN vs Kickassin666
TerminatorWW vs Tol
Kairak vs Anime Sans
blinkboy vs Thimblebony
Thunder~BALLZ vs Master_toxic101
Angels & Airwaves vs Rykochey
Elgino10 vs 1-spi
PhantomHurious vs BloodAce0107
Tack :] vs VCrakeV
Gorfield vs Juuno
Curtain vs Crystalites
-Voltage- vs memomiguel
vooper vs yeet_skeet_reet
Waylaid vs Ho3nConfirm3d
Calucha vs Pepelino
Cheese5555 vs kushmaster9000
Kaif vs blunty1
Marjane vs ChrisCrisKris
Ivy vs AnimeAbsol
Simbo vs neomon
Miyami~~~ vs excelphantom
ayedan vs Toy Time King
King K Wack vs frisoeva
k8ppy vs Jho

Matches are due at Tuesday 12 November 2019, 6AM CET
blunty1 Blaze_of_Fire neomon Mirbro try to do your games somewhat soon so we can get back on track
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